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Introducing PJ Alford Life Skills Academy

Have you ever felt like school didn't prepare you for the real world? Haven't we all!! My mom's life skills training outside of school was everything! She taught me about budgeting, and how to fill out job applications. She taught me how to rent my own apartment, and finance a car. She taught me all of those things and I still find myself unprepared when real life happens.

Who is the IRS?
Why do I have to pay Taxes?
What is Credit, and Do I really need it?
I no longer want to rent an apartment How do I buy a house?
How do I start a business of my own?
How do you cook good healthy food?
How do you get good deals on things, and is it really important?

Those are just a few of the questions I found myself and friends asking after graduating high school and living on our own. I thought to myself this is how so many people end up in poverty and homeless. If you're lucky you have someone in your corner to answer some of life's questions but what if you don't have anyone or you have people giving you bad advice? What do you do then? How do you survive, better yet how do you thrive?

PJ Alford Life Skills  Academy is the place to go to learn everything they didn't teach you in school. My husband and I have are working together with industry leading professionals to teach courses on everything from accounting and finance to meal prep. We even have our family doctor teaching a couple of courses on germs the spread of diseases and infections, and the effectiveness of home remedies. 

We are so excited to be able to share this with you. Our first course How to make Money 101
is live and available for a limited time for just $9.99

This is going to be fun! Subscribe to the blog for updates when new courses are added.

Talk to you soon!

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